SharePoint PnP Dev SPFx JS SIG Call – Oct 11th, 2018 – Screenshot Summary

PnP Microsoft Community Call Highlights


  • SPFx v1.7 (ETA End of October/Early November 2018)
    • Dynamic Data GA
    • SPFx Components in Teams
    • Support for React 16
    • SharePoint 2019 support in Yeoman packages
    • Domain-Isolated Web Parts (Preview)
    • List Subscriptions (Preview)
    • Teams Integration (Preview)
    • “App Pages” (Preview)
    • Supporting Provider Hosted Solutions (Preview)
  • Numerous UI improvements – Theming, Site Design & Site Scripts, additional place holders, etc.




Demo: Sample SPFx web part using Visio JavaScript APIs – Joel Rodrigues


  • Demo: Resizing web part layout responsively for iFrame embed – Andrew Koltyakov

Author: David Warner II

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