SharePoint PnP Dev General SIG Call – Sep 6th, 2018 – Screenshot Summary

PnP Microsoft Community Call Highlights

  • SPFx v1.7.0 (ETA October 2018) Subject to change:
    • Dynamic Data GA
    • SharePoint 2019 Yeoman support
    • Preview of SPFx built Teams tabs
    • Preview of Teams apps in SPO
    • Preview on isolated web parts
    • Support for React 16
    • Preview of
    • Teams tab development with SharePoint Framework
    • ….numerous UI level improvements – Theming, Site Design & Site Scripts, more place holders, etc.

Demo: Using SPO PowerShell from PowerShell Gallery – What does it mean and next steps – Vesa Juvonen

Demo: Tenant scope provisioning support in PnP Provisioning Engine – Paolo Pialorsi & Erwin van Hunen

Demo: Running Site Scripts when a site is associated to a hub site – Sean Squires

Author: David Warner II

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