SharePoint PnP Dev General SIG Call – Aug 23rd, 2018 – Screenshot Summary

PnP Microsoft Community Call Highlights

  • Updated Roadmap
    • v1.6 SPFx End of August – Likely last week of August
      • Native Graph
      • Dialog Framework GA
      • Global Deployment of SFPx Extensions
    • v1.7 SPFx (ETA just after Ignite 2018)
      • Preview of React 16
      • Preview of
      • SharePoint 2019 Yeoman support
      • Teams tab development with SPFx
    • To hub or sub – Modern sub site information & guidance
      • NO single right answer…consider the business requirements…but:
      • Modern sub site now available
      • “Hub before you Sub”


Demo: Preview on upcoming view formatting cpability and other list formatting improvements – Chris Kent


Demo: Preview on upcoming open-source OneDrive migration tooling – Patrick Rodgers


Author: David Warner II

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