SharePoint PnP Dev General SIG Call – March 21st, 2019 – Screenshot Summary

PnP Microsoft SharePoint General Development Community Call Highlights











Demo: List formatting tips with Chris Kent – Conditionally Launch Flows using List Formatting



Demo: Cascading drop-downs in PowerApps and Custom Forms – Chakkaradeep Chandran

Demo: DevOps pipelines: Speed up SPFx solutions packaging by using parallel jobs –  Velin Georgiev

Note from Velin: The race is very dependent on a number of variables, not only hosted operating system. Hardware, OS setup, running processes all contribute to making a difference. This race does not necessarily mean that one OS is superior to the other. The key benefit of the process is to perform the tasks in parallel.

Windows Timing:

Linux Timing:

Some Live Pics from the MVP Summit for PnP Call:

Author: David Warner II

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