M365.video Introduction

Welcome to M365.video!

M365.video is a collection of targeted tips, tricks and tutorial videos surrounding the Microsoft365 suite of services. Topics will range from simple productivity tips using a Microsoft product or service, all the way up to programming tutorials.

Each video will focus on a specific task or feature, allowing you to choose to watch the videos that matter most to you, without having to sit through or fast forward a longer video to see just one single tip or tutorial. 

To help assure the videos are concise and targeted, I will try to keep all videos to less then 10 minutes. Some will even be just a few minutes, focusing on a very specific task or feature.

If there is too much information to cover in less then 10 minutes, I will create smaller, multi part video sets.

I will also create Spotlight Series collections that will be tagged and grouped together on my website for easy filtering.

The first Spotlight Series will be themed as ‘SharePoint Shorts’.

The SharePoint Shorts Series will cover various topics, that directly benefit SharePoint. Topics such as SPFx Tips, M365 Services, like Flow, ways to use VS Code and more with all videos directly benefiting our experience with SharePoint.

All spotlight series video’s will be tagged on my website to provide ease of filtering when looking for video’s on specific topics.

Let’s make sure we have a little fun with some easter egg giveaways randomly hidden in the M365.video tutorials.

The way it will work is inside my demo content I will randomly use photos that include the M365.video logo.

When you see a logo, make sure you then listen for a clue. For example, if I use this photo with the logo integrated into a coffee and I mention it being used at latte.warner.digital, you have your clue.

So we pull up our browser and see what you have the opportunity to win. Looks like some Starbucks gift cards!!!

As someone once said, two heads are better then one, three better two.

I look forward to interacting with everyone in the community and sharing knowledge….

….after all as Microsoft says…Sharing is Caring!!

Author: David Warner II

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