M365.Social Community Game Night

Microsoft 365 offers many ways for colleagues to connect virtually. Together we will explore using these tools for virtual team building. It is an opportunity for us to connect as a community while we are all social distancing! Plus, who doesn’t want to learn some strange new facts about the community?

The Game

“Two truths and a lie” is a game about fibbing and sharing unknown statements about yourself for people to guess which is accurate. The goal as the speaker is to have most people incorrectly guess which statement is false. Even better if no one guesses correctly!

Here’s how the game works

  • In advance of our scheduled game night, the guest stars will submit 3 statements about themselves- two that are true and one that is false.
  • When it is the guest stars turn, they will tell the group all three statements with their best poker face.
  • The group will have the opportunity to ask the guest star a few more questions about the statements to uncover which is false.
  • Everyone in the Teams call will guess which statement was false by completing a Microsoft Form live in our meeting providing us the form result analytics instantly.
  • Once everyone has guessed, the guest star will reveal what was true and what was false.

How can you join in the fun???

We invite everyone from the community to join the Teams call and enjoy getting to know some of our amazing community personalities. Even if you want to join the call to just watch, that is OK!

If you are feeling especially collaborative, we invite you to ask questions of our guest stars to help uncover the truth!! ?

You can grab the calendar invite .ics file below or just join the call with the direct Teams call link at the beginning of the event.

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Event Details:

While there is never an optimal time that is perfect for everyone worldwide, we are looking to schedule more game nights in the future at different times to support our amazing and global community! ???

April 30, 5pm EST

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Guest Stars (more to come)

Alex Terentiev

Twitter: @alexaterentiev

Beau Cameron

Twitter: @Beau__Cameron

Emily Mancini

Twitter: @EEMancini

Erica Toelle

Twitter: @EricaToelle

Marc D Anderson

Twitter: @sympmarc

Mark Kashman

Twitter: @mkashman

Matt Wade

Twitter: @thatmattwade

Sébastien Levert

Twitter: @sebastienlevert