Listen To Your Hearts

For those of us of a certain age, the term “Listen To Your Heart” might evoke musical memories from the late 1980s, courtesy of the band Roxette.

The song is a ballad of romantic involvement that lyrically tells the listeners to listen to their hearts…speaking about the figurative heart.

As contributors to the Microsoft Community, our figurative hearts beat strongly. Each day, we’re impassioned to achieve new milestones, share knowledge, and collaborate!

For me, that heartbeat has never been stronger. From hosting Community Calls to speaking at conferences. Collaborating with eager learners in Sharing Is Caring sessions to interviewing contributors in the community about their journey of passion. Submitting samples or discovering new ways to use the technology we all love.

I make no secret of my love for the community; I consider its members family!

I could spend the next ba-zillion years simply contributing to and collaborating with all of you in the community, and my figurative heart would overflow.

Yet, there’s another heart that every human possesses—the physical organ that beats in our chests, pumping blood throughout our bodies, including the brain, which fuels our figurative heart.

Sometimes that figurative heart can speak so loudly to us, that we might forget to pay attention to our physical well-being.

We all strive to live healthy lives. Some of us are downright fortunate to have never had any major health issues. I’m a guy that spent all of 24 hours in my entire life in the hospital. I had my tonsils removed when I was 10. That’s been the extent of it!

Of course, those who know me well understand my ongoing struggles with weight, but for the most part, I’ve avoided significant health conditions.

That is, until recently… Life has a curious way of jolting us into awareness that the desire to continue doing what we love for a ba-zillion years isn’t always aligned with the imperfect bodies we inhabit.

I won’t delve into the finer details, but that jolt hit me, and my health became the priority.

Following advice from my doctor, I am taking a few weeks of medical leave to focus on returning to optimal health.

You may still catch glimpses of me over the next few weeks on social networks or perhaps during a demo on a community call, but primarily, I’ll be prioritizing my health.

I also urge everyone to schedule regular checkups. Make those precautionary appointments for routine exams and ensure you’re in good health! Our figurative hearts are resilient, but they can only take us so far!

Thank you all who have already reached out for the well wishes, encouraging words, and remember to Listen To Your Heart….both of them! 🧡💜

P.S. As I work with my doctor over the next few weeks, I’ll also be journaling my journey. I’m quite open about sharing, so if there’s anything you’d like to know, feel free to reach out. #SharingIsCaring


Author: David Warner II

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