SharePoint Framework Enhancement Packs

What is an SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Enhancement Pack?

A SharePoint Framework Enhancement Pack is SharePoint Framework solution built to enhance features available to you within your SharePoint site. It can include additional availability of CSS Styles, Icon Fonts, JavaScript functionality.

One of the most popular use cases for an SPFx Enhancement Pack is within List Formatting, but can easily be combined with other SPFx solutions, such as Web Parts, Extensions, and Rich HTML content authored directly on a page.

How do you use an SharePoint Framework Enhancement Pack?

SharePoint Framework Enhancement Packs are built as SPFx solutions that include either SPFx Extensions and/or web part’s. The packaged SPFx solution (.sppkg)

Each SharePoint Framework Enhancement Pack provides it’s own set of features. Some provide the ability to include new and exciting icons in your SharePoint site, some provide the ability to enhance SharePoint content with CSS Animation and more. Please see each individual Enhancement Pack for the full details of features available.

Where can I get one or more SharePoint Framework Enhancement Pack?

SharePoint Framework Enhancement pack’s can be downloaded from my GitHub repository. In each Enhancement Packs folder, the pre-packaged SPFx ‘.sppkg’ file can be downloaded for immediate installation to your SharePoint App Catalog. Additionally, each SPFx Enhancement Pack’s full SPFx solution can be forked, cloned or downloaded if you would like to modify it before packaging. (Please see the installation instructions on each Enhancement Pack)

The list of available Enhancement Pack’s are listed in the “Enhancement Pack Categories” below.

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